Our privacy policy down below debates how we bring together and make use of the info our customer gives us. We may make changes to our privacy policy; nevertheless, the most up-to-date version will be published and live on this site. The term 'we' identifies My Assignment, unless otherwise designated.

Placing Together Information:

Your personal info will be required such as username, password and email address to make use of our services.

Privacy of Information:

We adherently follow the rules mentioned by the Data Protection Act paired with the Companies Act policy. Hence, under no circumstances do we reveal your private information to any third party until demanded by a law agency.

Your Visit Information:

We store information about your visit to our website. Hence, when a customer visits our site, we can check their IP address to determine their location. This enables us to offer custom services, aligned with their geographic location.

Access to Your Information:

In order to get access to your personal info, students can email our legal department. All you have to do is answer a few secret questions, to verify your identity.

Information Regarding Our Promotions & Offers:

The specifics related to our products and services can be viewed on our site. Furthermore, the info regarding our promotional offers and discounts will be relayed to our clients via text on their phone number or an email on their designated email address.

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